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TimeBank members “bank” time by providing and receiving services from one another. TimeBank differs from traditional volunteering because it is a reciprocal model and strives to provide opportunities for everyone to contribute. TimeBank members can choose to participate in a way that meets their interests, skills, and availability. There is no minimum commitment to participate, and membership is always free.

TimeBank by Healthfirst is a free community program where people share their time helping others and assisting community organizations. It’s a personalized way to get involved in your community, help those in need, and receive help yourself when you need it. Communities are always stronger when neighbors work together and support one another.

Giving Back to Each Other

From day one, members become part of an incredible group of people who appreciate all the opportunities TimeBank offers to:

  • Meet new people: There are so many options for in-person as well as virtual activities
  • Learn a new skill: From art to exercise, nutrition, stress relief, technology, and much more
  • Teach: Lead a class or group and share something you love
  • Lend a hand: Plant in the park, knit for those in need, lend a hand at a community event, or help another member

Members, who can both provide and receive services, participate when they can–there is never any pressure.

Working Together to Make a Difference


TimeBank Members

from young adults to seniors, speaking 30+ languages


Organizational TimeBank Members

including neighborhood centers, houses of worship, soup kitchens, healthcare organizations, and more


Hours of Service

exchanged by TimeBank members each month

Become a Member Today

Individual Members can participate in two different ways:

  1. Group Members can join virtual classes, in-person events, and community service projects.
  2. Full Members can do everything Group Members do, PLUS exchange a wide variety of services on a one-to-one basis. With a full membership, you can request help from or give help to another member.

Full Members must participate in an orientation. To help ensure everyone’s safety, a voluntary criminal background and reference check will be conducted.

Organizations find TimeBank to be a valuable and free resource. TimeBank members enhance programming and assist with events and activities. Organizations also appreciate the stronger sense of community that TimeBank brings.

When volunteers from member organizations choose to join TimeBank, they can earn TimeBank hours for the services they provide to the organization.

TimeBank is open to everyone 18 years of age and older, regardless of immigration status. Members must live in New York City, or in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Sullivan, Orange, or Rockland counties.

Interested in becoming a member?

Join Us

For additional information, contact us

1-844-371-6870 or timebank@healthfirst.org